A Brief Portrait of The Eternal Recurrence screening in France

I’m happy to announce that a recent short experimental video I made, A Brief Portrait of TheEternal Recurrence will be opening a block of short films on November 23rd in Marseille, France as part of the RECONTRES INTERNATIONALES SCIENCE & CINEMAS festival. I so wish I could be there, looks like it will be an excellent event! […]

New short film by Karl Lind to play in Images Contre Nature film festival in Marseille France on 7/5/14

I’m honored to report that my new short film, “Untitled” (2014) has been selected to be part of the 2014 Images Contre Nature film festival. My short plays on 7/5/14 as part of the “Sense” program. A little info about the festival, taken from their mission statement for the 2014 program. EDITO 14 To accept […]