Save Historic Belmont

We recently contributed cinematography to a video for our friends at Save Historic Belmont.

The Belmont district is one of Portland’s oldest and most historically well-preserved neighborhoods. Built in 1889, the building slated for demolition is on a block that contains several buildings registered as significant historical resources, such as 3300 SE Belmont (the corner building currently home to Noun and St. Cupcake). All the buildings on the block are on the Oregon Historic Sites map, and contribute to Streetcar Era Commercial history.

The historic Belmont Firehouse and many beautiful Victorian era homes dating back to the early 1880s, including some on the National Register of Historic Preservation (such as the Thaddeus Fisher House), are just steps away.

The loss of this 127-year-old building, which currently fits perfectly in the existing and iconic streetscape of the Belmont business district, would have a devastating impact on the Sunnyside neighborhood’s historic character, well-being, and visual landscape. The merits of preserving this historic resource far outweigh private development interests.

A developer (Get R Done LLC) seeks to destroy an integral part of Belmont’s history by building yet another steel and glass apartment building, with no attempt to blend into the existing streetscape. The proposed development is utterly out of character for the block. Allowing demolition in a nationally-recognized historic area for private gain, sets a dangerous precedent and jeopardizes historic resources across the City of Portland.

We realize Portland needs tighter preservation laws which would grant the City more power to stop historic building demolitions, and more state historic tax credits to provide incentives to developers to preserve and sustain old buildings like this. We realize this is a long political road ahead, but until then, we will fight to preserve these historic buildings and streetscapes because they’re worth fighting for.


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