The Pinball Outreach Project

Check it out! We just wrapped up a video for a fantastic organization, The Pinball Outreach Project.

Chicago, here I come!

I’m getting increasingly excited as the date draws nearer to board the plane that will take me to Chicago next week to attend and participate in the Chicago Underground Film Festival as the programming looks to be absolutely outstanding! I’ve also never been to Chicago, anyone got any recommendations for me? Stay tuned for reports….   […]

She’s alive, alive!

Ok, so last night we unveiled a dream come true!

Happy New Year!


Rustlah “Fearless Leader”

A music video we Directed for Rustlah.    

Filmmaker Karl Lind on KBOO radio 6/23/14

A huge thanks to Portland’s very own KBOO radio for having me on the air yesterday along with the subject of my latest documentary about “High Elf” Konrad Alden McKane. If you go to the following link and go to the 32 minute mark you’ll hear me chatting about working on “Konrad Alden McKane vs. […]

9 years of doing this here video thing

It just occurred to me that I have been in business doing the video thing for 9 years this month! During this time I’ve had the opportunity to work with some truly incredible humans and even a few non-humans such as the doggies and kitties over at the The Pixie Project. I want to personally thank […]

2016 A.D.

So, I thought I’d share the good news with you all that we’re only two years away from wearing some really cool clothes, thanks to Rick Springfield for being such a forward thinking visionary.