Citylab article features our video for Friends of Memorial Coliseum

Citylab recently published a great article that features the video we made for Friends of Memorial Coliseum!

Friends of Memorial Coliseum The Friends of Memorial Coliseum is a community organization dedicated to saving Veterans Memorial Coliseum and advocating for a restoration that fully honors the building’s design integrity, value to Portland and its role as a memorial to veterans. We believe this mid-century masterpiece is poised to once again become a symbol of our city’s […]

Just another day at work in beautiful Portland, Oregon!

    Last week saw me up on a 32 story high rise one day and then shooting time-lapse of a beautiful Portland morning the next – I love my job!    

Short film to play at Images Contre Nature 2015 Film Festival

I just got word that my short, “A Brief Portrait of an Eternal Recurrence” was selected to be part of the Images Contre Nature 2015 Film Festival in Marseille, France in early July! Looks to be an amazing event so if you are out that way please check it out.

Chicago, here I come!

I’m getting increasingly excited as the date draws nearer to board the plane that will take me to Chicago next week to attend and participate in the Chicago Underground Film Festival as the programming looks to be absolutely outstanding! I’ve also never been to Chicago, anyone got any recommendations for me? Stay tuned for reports….   […]

United We Stand…

I snapped a quick pic of this scene as it caught my eye the other day while walking around the Alberta Arts neighborhood of Portland, Oregon where I live. One of of the narratives that instantly sprang to mind was that these animals were heroically banding together to fight an unforeseen force; a few of their friends […]

I’ll be at the Chicago Underground Film Festival May 13-17th, 2015

I recently found out that my short film, A Brief Portrait of the Eternal Recurrence was accepted into the 2015 Chicago Underground Film Festival (CUFF), I just booked my plane tickets and I am completely ecstatic to be able to attend this renowned event known as “THE LONGEST RUNNING UNDERGROUND FILM FESTIVAL IN THE WORLD”! .

She’s alive, alive!

Ok, so last night we unveiled a dream come true!

Free at last

Doctor King, thank you for your life, love and legacy. We shall continue to work towards realizing your dream!